Brick Pressure Washing for Residential and Commercial Properties in Kentucky

Brick exteriors give a timeless look to your home or commercial building and provide better protection from the elements, but they can also accumulate dirt quickly. Green algae and black mildew can also grow on the bricks and the grout lines. Bee Klean offers brick power washing services that will extend the longevity of your property.
To clean brick, we use a soft washing method to safely remove unwanted buildup while preserving the integrity of the brick, no matter the age. We understand the right amount of pressure to use to keep the grout intact and the bricks in place. We combine that with safe and effective cleaning solutions to kill the mildew and algae at the root level. You can trust our training and expertise to take good care of your brick exteriors and surfaces.
When it comes to pressure washing in Kentucky, your brick is in good hands with Bee Klean. Contact us today for a free estimate!