Wickliffe, KY – Home to a Bevy of Parks and Recreation Facilities

900 years ago, a Native American village of the Mississippian mound building culture once occupied this bluff overlooking the Mississippi River. Here, they built earthen mounds and permanent houses around a central plaza.

Open to the public since 1932, the museum exhibits excavated features of two mounds with displays of Mississippian pottery, stone tools and artifacts showcasing their way of life and artwork. A spectacular view of the bluff area is afforded from the top of the Ceremonial Mound, the largest mound on the site. Special exhibits, hands-on displays, events and educational programs occur at various times throughout the year.  Visit This Link!

City Parks

The City of Wickliffe has a number of city parks and recreation facilities. These include a swimming pool (Coulby Park), splash park and Splash Park (Orlando Park).

The city is also home to the historic Wickliffe Mounds State Historic Site, an archaeological museum that features excavated features and artifacts from the Mississippian Native American culture in Kentucky. The site is situated on a bluff overlooking the Mississippi River and offers visitors a chance to learn about this vast culture through museum exhibits.

The museum also has a Hands-On Activity Touch Table where visitors can use prehistoric tools to learn about the technology and environment of the Mississippians. The park also hosts a series of “Hands On History Saturdays” on weekends throughout the summer, where families can take part in fun and educational activities related to archaeology, Mississippian Native American culture and the natural environment.

Parks & Recreation

The City of Wickliffe is home to a bevy of parks and recreation facilities for residents to enjoy. From the aforementioned Coulby and Jindra swimming pools to the splash park at Orlando Park, there is plenty to keep the kids entertained.

The city is also home to the Fort Jefferson Cross at the Confluence, a 95-foot landmark that is tucked high on the bluff overlooking the Mississippi and Ohio rivers. The cross is a nod to the brave men and women who have fought and died in our military.

The City of Wickliffe also boasts a number of fun and informative public programs, including the annual summer fireworks celebration at Coulby Park. Other noteworthy attractions include the Clarks River National Wildlife Refuge. The best way to learn more is to contact the City of Wickliffe. Refer to This Web Page!

Sports & Fitness

Wickliffe is a small city of just over 4 square miles but boasts a number of sports and fitness facilities. The city has two swimming pools (Coulby and Jindra Parks) as well as a Splash Park. In addition to the aforementioned aquatic venues, there are golf courses (Coulby and Green Ridge) and numerous parks and playgrounds throughout the city.

The City also has some of the best libraries in the state. In fact, Wickliffe has the largest library of any city in Kentucky.

The most impressive City Park may have been the crown jewel, but the city’s biggest claim to fame is its proximity to a confluence of three of America’s most important rivers. This unique vantage point allows Wickliffe to boast a location that is ideal for industries of all sizes, as well as a great place to raise a family. This is especially true of our affordable housing and excellent school system! The city’s residents have a reputation for being friendly and helpful. The town has a population of just under 20,000 people, and is home to a multitude of local and regional businesses that range from high-tech to high-touch.

Events & Festivals

There are many events and festivals in the area, both summer and year-round. For example, the Fourth of July in Paducah is a big celebration with food vendors, a concert and fireworks on display.

The area is also home to Wickliffe Mounds State Historic Site, which features earthen mounds and an archaeological site dating back to 1100-1350 AD. Visitors can learn about the prehistoric era of Native American people living in Kentucky while visiting the museum that displays excavated features, artifacts and more.

The park also hosts family-friendly activities that relate to archaeology, Mississippian Native American culture and the natural environment. These hands-on sessions are held on Saturdays throughout the summer. Find More!

Driving Direction from Bee Klean to Wickliffe Park

Driving Direction from Wickliffe Park to Fort Defiance State Park