Talon Falls Screampark in Melber KY

Every October, tens of thousands of people travel to far western Kentucky to be scared at this haunted scream park. They pay for their tickets and wait in line sometimes hours before getting to experience the terror.

Talon Falls Screampark is one of the best haunted attractions in Kentucky. The scream park features a variety of different haunted experiences and themes to keep visitors from getting bored. Refer to This Site!

Haunted House

Located in Melber, Talon Falls Screampark is one of the most popular haunted attractions in Kentucky. Its thirteen terrifying mazes, Dead Man’s Island haunted house, Sinister Circus 3D and more are one of the most frightening Halloween experiences in America.

The Haunted House at Talon Falls Screampark in Melber KY United States is one of the most intense and gruesome haunted attractions in Kentucky. Here you will encounter a plethora of twisted and cruel creatures that are guaranteed to scare the bejesus out of even the bravest visitors.

The Haunted House at Talon Falls is a must-visit for all haunt fans this Halloween season. This scream park-style attraction also features a variety of other activities that are sure to keep everyone happy, including a petting farm, duck races, hayrides and more!

Haunted Hayride

Haunted hayrides are a great way to get into the Halloween spirit. This year many haunted houses have added night time hayrides which add to the scare factor.

In Kentucky there are countless scary experiences for the witching hour. From a deep cave, to an abandoned slaughterhouse, a bloody battlefield and a seed mill straight from the imagination of a Walking Dead actor, there’s something for every horror lover. Browse around this site!

The Haunted Hayride at Talon Falls Screampark Melber KY United States is a perfect example of this. This haunted hayride is part of the “Blood Creek” attraction that also includes a sawmill, squealing pigs and this year’s theme, carnival of evil!

This attraction is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights in October. Admission is individual for the 4 attractions. You can also purchase a combo ticket for all 4.

Sinister Circus 3D

Talon Falls Screampark in Melber, Kentucky is home to a frighteningly large collection of Halloween attractions. With thirteen terrifying mazes and three haunted houses – Dead End Evil Dread, Sinister Circus 3D, and Dead Man’s Island – it’s one of the scariest Halloween destinations in the country. The park is also a daytime adventure park, complete with a petting farm, duck races, hayrides, and more. It’s a great family-friendly destination and a Funtober Favorite 100. This year, there’s a new Carnival of Evil theme. This year’s carnival has freaks, side shows, and spookified carnival food. Ticket prices include all four attractions for only $50. Click for more info.

Driving Direction from Bee Klean to Talon Falls Screampark

Driving Direction from Talon Falls Screampark to Bob Noble Park